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Generations come and go like water flowing down a river. A continuous cycle of life creates an ever-changing cast of characters on stage for their brief performance. The places people live, work, love and die may be more enduring, but contrasted to history, they too are fleeting. In the end, all that remains of people and places are the stories told by those who follow. What is your story going to be?

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For the Greater Good


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Five generations ago, seven calamities destroyed civilization creating a new dark age. In the midst of ruin, however, hope endures. Espen struggles to manage the expectations of his family in his wilderness village, but he believes a great world still exists beyond the mountains. To travel there is forbidden, but when the girl he loves and his brother are kidnapped, Espen is thrust into the magnificent city of Emporia filled with luxuries and comforts he never imagined. He has a gift that makes him special in this spectacular new place, but he must learn to survive the risky games they play. To escape the invisible chains keeping him in Emporia, he must discover a new purpose for his life and find out who he really is. 

Emporia, the greatest city left on earth, is operated by an immense corporation managed by the mysterious Nephilim who saved the technology of the old world and now administer the resources of the new one. Life in Emporia is a shining symbol of progress built from the ashes of a ruined world. Emporia values efficiency, influence, and celebrity above everything else. The Corporation is all-knowing, all-powerful, and always present. “For the Greater Good” is Emporia’s motto, but the incredible splendor of the city comes with a price that all of its citizens must pay.

Return from Wrath

Life in depression-era California has always been difficult for Raquel. When she must flee her drunken stepfather’s abuse, the young woman finds herself without a home or family. Raquel finds new hope with her husband near the oilfield town of Taft, California, as she adjusts to her pretentious mother-in-law.

In the midst of the Great Depression, tragedy strikes the family. Raquel and her mother-in-law are forced to return to a drought-plagued farm in Oklahoma. Raquel’s hard-luck experiences in the squatters’ camps of the San Joaquin Valley proves valuable as the women struggle to find their way home while adapting to their new realities. On their journey, the two women discover genuine love requires sacrifice, but can be rewarded with uncompromising loyalty and a second chance at happiness.

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